NoteFab has suspended normal operations due to lack of Funding - we will back once we have Secured a Series-A round of $10-Mill
NoteFab is based on the cutting edge R&D done by Anoox™ non-profit Search engine & Social network
Want to see how NoteFab works? Try Anoox My-2nd-Brain which is the non-profit version of NoteFab
NoteFab enables you to be more Organized - more Productive - more Relaxed
NoteFab is your AI-based Virtual Assistance that empowers you to Organize your data and recover them via Natural Language from any device
To see the potential value of NoteFab, consider the fact that EverNote™ which NoteFab competes with has a reported $1-Billion valuation
Are you a High IMPACT investor that wants to be part of this Journey and potential MASSIVE Gains: Contact US
Top Reasons To Invest To Launch NoteFab
Enables People to Find things fast as they Type
Imagine remembering Notes you took 3 Years ago, or 3 days ago, as you Type
Your Notes safely and securely stored and managed for you on the Cloud
Designate an Event to be Recurring, so that you are sent Reminder of it as it recurs, so that you NEVER AGAIN forget a Birthday, Anniversary, etc..
NoteFab will have instant access to robust, tested and prefected technologies that Anoox non-profit has perfected and is advancing for this purpose
NoteFab will be fully operational within just 6 Months of having received the Series-A funding